Man Alleges $1 Bank Robbery an Effort to get Prison Medical Care

Unorthodox treatment plan (seeking health care for medical conditions while in prison for bank robbery – at least until eligible for social security) may be thwarted by the banality of the heist.
James Verone of North Carolina alleges that his attempt to rob a bank of one dollar was just part of his scheme to get prison medical care. Verone told a reporter from WCNC-TV of Charleston that he has ruptured discs in his back and a growth on his chest. Unemployed, Verone says he has no money and could not afford health care on his own.

Verone handed the teller a note that read: "This a bank robbery and I need medical attention."
Earlier this month, Verone walked into a bank in Gastonia, North Carolina, and handed the teller a note that read: "This a bank robbery and I need medical attention," according to USA Today. He then took a seat and waited for the police to arrive and arrest him.

Verone's unorthodox medical treatment plan was to receive free health care while in prison for his crime until he becomes eligible for social security in three years.

However, because he only demanded one dollar and did not use a weapon, he is only being charged with larceny, which imposes much less jail time than bank robbery.

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  1. I can't believe that a man will go such length just to collect Social Security benefits. Too bad he was only charged with larceny for robbing the bank for a buck and without a weapon. In an interview, he said that he will do it again if he has to.

  2. This is a lame attempt at getting medical care. There are other legitimate ways he can do.