‘Twist’ in Health Care ‘Simplification’ Provisions: 3 Million More Eligible for Medicaid in 2014

Up to three million more people, mostly middle-class retirees, will qualify for Medicaid in 2014 under provisions of PPACA meant to simplify health care law, in addition to the estimated 16 million to 18 million additional people that PPACA will already bring into the program.
The Associated Press is reporting that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (‘PPACA’) signed into law by the Obama administration will qualify up to three million more, mostly middle-class, people for Medicaid, a program originally intended for the poor.

In 2014, a married couple earning as much as $62,000 a year could still qualify for Medicaid.
This new ‘twist’ was only recently ‘discovered’ nearly a year after PPACA was signed into law. Described as part of PPACA's effort at 'simplification' of federal health care law, the twist is this: in 2014, Social Security benefits will no longer be counted as income for determining Medicaid eligibility.

According to an example cited by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services ('CMS'), a married couple retiring at age 62 in 2014 and each receiving the maximum Social Security benefit of $23,500 could get $17,000 from other sources, for a total income of $64,000, and still be eligible for Medicaid. A $64,000 income is about four times the federal poverty level for a two-person household.

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