Insurance Industry M&A on the Rise

A steady rise in mergers and acquisitions in the insurance industry in the first part of this year is part of a trend that should continue into the future, according to reports.
After at least two years of steady decline, the first half of 2011 has brought a significant increase in mergers and acquisitions in the global insurance industry, according to an analysis by Clyde & Co cited in a report by the Financial Times.

The report indicates that global insurance industry transactions are expected to continue at an increased rate moving forward, and suggests that the reinsurance sector and the Bermudan industry are likely to be particularly active in M&A.

The Financial Times quotes Andrew Holderness, a partner at Clyde & Co, as follows:
“It is evident that mergers and acquisitions are back on the agenda of underwriting businesses,” he said. “Regulators and customers are looking for strength and stability...we expect to see continued activity across all types of transactions.”

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