The $195 Million Man and the Woman with $1 Billion Legs

Valuable and unique assets mean unique and high-dollar insurance coverages
The insurance industry is no stranger to providing unique coverages for specific and individual risks. Not surprisingly, many of the larger and more noteworthy of these specialized risks come from the world of Hollywood. Typically these specialty lines transactions are incredibly complex and highly customized, in large part because so much money is at stake.[1]

With that in mind, 24/7 Wall St. has listed nine of the more striking insurance policies taken out by or on behalf of celebrities.

Some of the more notable entries as reported by Daily Finance:
  • Singer Mariah Carey's $1 billion insurance policy covering her famous legs;
  • International soccer star David Beckham's $195 million policy covering his entire body;
  • Football great Troy Polamalu's $1 million policy on his trademark hair;
  • Musician Bruce Springsteen's $5.5 million policy covering his vocal chords; and
  • Baseball slugger Mark McGwire's $120 million policy on his fragile left ankle.[2]
Some honorable (but not entirely confirmed) mentions:
  • Dutch winemaker Ilja Gort's $7.8 million policy on his nose;
  • Actress and singer Jennifer Lopez's $1 million policy on her famed rear-end; and
  • Artist Andy Warhol's $1 million policy on his eyes.[3]

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