Cavalcade of Risk, No. 145 - Insurance Fest

David Williams hosts the latest edition of the Cavalcade of Risk, a round-up of risk-related articles, with an emphasis on insurance as a risk management tool.

The Cavalcade of Risk is a biweekly rotating collection of articles and links (also known as a "blog carnival") from insurance and other risk-related sources that provides some great information and insight about risk management.

Check out the 145th edition of the Cavalcade of Risk here.

UPDATE: The emphasis on insurance in the latest edition of the Cavalcade of Risk deserves a little more attention. Here is a sample of a few of the articles featured in the 145th edition of the Cavalcade of Risk:

  • Nina Kallen of Insurance Coverage Law in Massachusetts reminds us again that both individuals and business should keep copies of their insurance policies – and keep them forever:
    Don't just keep your most recent policy. Keep all of them. For decades. Forever. If you have an occurrence-based policy and get hit with a Superfund suit -- say a property you owned for five years in the early 1990's has been discovered to be a site of toxic waste -- there might or might not be coverage under policies issued for each year that you owned the property. If the policies differed from one year to another, even if issued by the same insurer, there may be coverage under one year but not others.

    Chances are that if the policies were issued not too long ago the insurer can, eventually, provide or recreate a copy. But at some point old documentation, especially but not exclusively from before the advent of computers, is lost. Insureds have the burden of proving coverage under a policy. The easiest way to do that is to provide the court with a copy of the policy...
    Read more here.
  • Insurance Claims and Issues has an excellent overview of the "deal" that the health insurance industry made with the White House on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act legislation. However, the main consideration the industry got for all of their concessions was the individual mandate – legally mandate policyholders. With the mandate's constitutionality coming before the U.S. Supreme Court, the health insurance industry may end up with nothing to show for all it gave up in health care reform. Read more here.
  • The Healthcare Economist gives an update on the latest development in Accountable Care Organizations, or ACOs. Read more here.


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