Louisiana Department of Insurance Issues Notice of Intent Regarding Regulation 100: Coverage of Prescription Drugs through a Drug Formulary

Proposed Regulation 100 drafted by the Louisiana Department of Insurance requires three different and distinct types of notice by health insurance plan issuers to enrollees with respect to coverage of prescription drugs through a drug formulary, and requires approval by the Department of certain modifications to prescription drug coverage.
The Louisiana Department of Insurance has released a Notice of Intent in the January edition of the Louisiana Register proposing Regulation 100 pertaining to the recently enacted Coverage of Prescription Drugs through a Drug Formulary Subpart of the Louisiana Insurance Code. Proposed Regulation 100 includes provisions intended to clarify and implement the Drug Formulary Subpart, which establishes certain restrictions and requirements for health insurance companies issuing health benefit plans that cover prescription drugs and that use one or more drug formularies to indicate the prescription drugs covered under such plans.

For more information, read the full article on Louisiana Insurance Regulatory Law.

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