Cavalcade of Risk, No. 151 - The Crossword Puzzle

Once again, Insurance Regulatory Law is proud to host the Cavalcade of Risk, this week in its 151st edition. The Cavalcade of Risk is a biweekly rotating collection of articles and links (also known as a "blog carnival") from insurance and other-risk-related sources that provides some great information and insight about risks and risk management.

Blatantly stealing an idea from the Notwithstanding Blog, this edition of the Cavalcade of Risk comes complete with its very own crossword puzzle – each entry has a question or hint that corresponds to an answer on the crossword puzzle.

Clues to the answers can be found in each individual blog article, and all entries must be read to solve the puzzle.

1 DOWN: What Jon and Kathleen did not discuss
Louise Norris at Colorado Health Insurance Insider comments on Jon Stewart's interview with HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. Find out what Louise says Jon and Kathleen left out of their discussion about the Affordable Care Act.

2 DOWN: Who can apply for over 50s Insurance

3 ACROSS: It sparked rising federal involvement in insurance regulation
Insurance Regulatory Law discusses how the myth of widespread insurance company insolvencies during the financial crisis in the late 2000s has fueled increasing federal involvement in insurance regulation.

4 DOWN: The "E" in CLUE
Henry Stern and Bob Vineyard at InsureBlog advise those who want to determine if their recently deceased loved one had any life insurance to get a CLUE!

5 ACROSS: Swiss banking feature?
Odysseas Papdimitriou at WalletBlog exposes the dark, seedy underbelly of watches, army knives and hot cocoa. Yes, it appears that banking neutrality really stands for hypocrisy in Odysseas's book.

6 DOWN: They've run amok with the language
Jaan Sidorov, MD, at the Disease Management Care Blog, provides his usual high-level of insight into preauthorization and retroactive audits for patient safety, and finally settles the long-asked question: is commercial health insurance an evil empire controlled by weenie pirates?

7 ACROSS: The answer
The Healthcare Economist investigates disease management and value-based purchasing programs to evaluate their effectiveness.

8 ACROSS: All of them must be considered
Melissa Batai at Parenting Family Money asks some difficult, but necessary, questions about life insurance for children.

9 ACROSS: One of the common conditions in Dr. Kaufman's study
David E. Williams of the Health Business Blog interviews Dr. Harvey Kaufman about the value of laboratory tests and employer sponsored health risk assessments.

The next edition of the Cavalcade of Risk will be hosted by Emily Holbrook at Risk Management Monitor in March.


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