Cavalcade of Risk No. 222

Insurance Regulatory Law is quite grateful to welcome the Thanksgiving edition of the Cavalcade of Risk, bringing a bounty of information on a variety of insurance-related topics from a number of different experts. The Cavalcade is a biweekly, rotating collection of articles and links (also known as a "blog carnival") from insurance and other risk-related resources that provides some great information and insight about risks and risk management.

Without further ado, Insurance Regulatory Law presents the 222nd Edition of the Cavalcade of Risk:
  • Henry Stern at InsureBlog digs into a bowlful of Unintentional Medical Tourism with a side of coverage controversy. When a 6-months pregnant Canadian woman took a personal trip to Hawaii, she brings home a bouncing baby souvenir and $1 million in medical bills. InsureBlog fisks the MSM's coverage. Read the full article for more information.

  • The Health Business Blog eschews the turkey and tries to decide between the chicken and the egg. In Chicken or egg: Do family dinners lead to health or vice versa?, the Health Business Blog sets the table with what seems like a clear case of cause and effect: having dinner together leads to better health. But maybe family dinner is just a proxy for high-income families with leisure time. The risk is that we underestimate the social determinants of health and are too smug about our own virtue. Read the full article for more information.

  • On his Governance, Risk Management & Audit blog, Norman Marks serves up an extra helping of Technology, Strategy, Cyber, and Risk cooked over a slow boil of disruptive technology. Disruptive technology - think 3d printing - poses risks that many (most?) businesses haven't considered, and Norman Marks makes the case for why they should. Read the full article for more information.

  • Hilary Tuttle at the Risk Management Monitor hones in on the retail side of the Thanksgiving tradition. Yes, Thanksgiving means Black Friday is closing in, so How Retailers Can Better Mitigate Black Friday Risks offers up some handy tips for retailers interested in mitigating risks associated with the annual sales behemoth. Read the full article for more information.

  • The Risk Management Association blog is already looking forward to the next annual sales behemoth, Christmas, with its post CFPB Proposes New Protections for the Prepaid Market about pre-paid products (i.e., gift cards and the like), explaining how proposed new rules for these pre-paid products may help mitigate consumers' risks. Read the full article for more information.

  • And last, but certainly not least, Jeff Waters at the RMS Blog brings us all back down to earth with Canada earthquake risk 85 years after the Grand Banks earthquake and tsunami. When you think of Thanksgiving, you probably don't think about earthquakes and tsunamis. Well, when you think of earthquakes and tsunamis, Canada's probably not the first locale that comes to mind. But the RMS Blog notes that November 18th marked the 85th anniversary of a 7.2 magnitude quake "up North," and discusses the risks of another one in the near future. Read the full article for more information.

The next edition of the Cavalcade of Risk will be hosting by Bob Wilson at Thanks for reading, and have a great holiday!

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  1. GREAT job, Van! Thanks so much for hosting, and for doing such a great job of tying together all these posts.

    And may you and yours enjoy a terrific Thanksgiving!